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Why Wrist Thermometer are More Accurate than Forehead Thermometer?

One of the most exceptional features of the IntelliStation is the wrist thermometer. While most other contactless thermometers gauge temperature via forehead or ear, our research has shown that wrist scanning is far superior and that other scanning tools sometimes miss an elevated core body temperature and have therefore failed to contain infection exposure.

As most people are used to having their forehead scanned for their temperature we often get asked why we decided to focus on using wrist scanners. Because the wrist scanner is a unique aspect of IntelliStation, we're offering our valued customers and partners a run down on the research-backed information about why we're convinced hand scanning thermometers are the optimal choice for scanning stations.

Why the Wrist is a Better Alternative than the Forehead?

The foremost advantage of using wrist thermometers is that they're proven to more reliably gauge the body's core temperature, compared with other common spots like the forehead or ear. This is likely explained due to the wrist having several key blood vessels located near to the surface, making it easier to take a reading. Because wrist temperature scanning uses infrared technology to read the user's temperature, there is no physical contact required, mitigating infection risk. Ideally, wrist scanners should be used without an operator to further eliminate the risk of potential infection, which is why we made the IntelliStation thermometer autonomous.

Finally, in addition to being autonomous, the IntelliStation's ergonomic design adds increased ease of use and convenience, cutting down on the amount of time a user spends utilizing the device.

Disadvantages of Measuring Temperature from the Forehead

Digital forehead scanners remain the most common temperature checking devices. These days, when entering a facility, you'll typically have your forehead temperature read by an individually operated infrared device. While this captures the user's head temperature, it does not effectively capture a person's core body heat.

The temperature of your head is easily influenced by climatic conditions, emotional triggers, and even clothing such as clothing such as hats and heavy coats have been shown to disrupt thermometer results. These types of temperature gauges are a good temporary measure for businesses but if serious, permanent virus protection is needed, they don't tend to be effective.

The other major drawback of digital forehead thermometers is that in most cases, they require a staff member to operate them. This is an obvious exposure threat. Standing thermometer scanners for the forehead do exist, however they tend to be far less ergonomic than wrist scanners as they're harder to adjust for each user's height, making them mostly ineffective and impractical.

Why You Should Choose IntelliStation: Non Contact Wrist Thermometer

Consider choosing the IntelliStation because it offers a 2-in-1 autonomous wrist thermometer and hand sanitizer with smart technology to help you manage needs within your individual facility. You can plan high-quality, far-reaching virus protection based on its Internet of Things properties, allowing you to monitor foot traffic, sanitizer dispensation, and temperature results from your smartphone.

IntelliStation's automatic body heat scanner is proven to work in all kinds of adverse climatic conditions and is ergonomically designed to be used by anyone. It's reliable, durable, and highly accurate, making it the right long-term investment for any business that's serious about instituting proper virus protection. And, it's beautiful, sleek, and looks great in any workplace. So send us an email and tell us how we can help make your facility safer.
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