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Where to Install Infrared Thermometer with Hand Sanitizer

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), up to 80% of infections are transmitted by hands. That's why the IntelliStation offers an entirely hands-free sanitizer dispenser. It's crucial to ensure the sanitization process is as autonomous as possible, but optimal positioning of the product is just as important in order to reliably protect your facility and employees.

The IntelliStation is both portable and "smart," generating analysis reports based on customer/staff behavior and hot spots, allowing you to relocate the machines and reorganize your virus prevention program accordingly. We'll discuss some of the most common and necessary locations to install your IntelliStation, providing insights on the best opportunities for virus prevention within your facility.

Key locations for hand sanitizer with an infrared thermometer

The most obvious locations for a sanitizing station are at entrances and exits, especially in facilities with large numbers of people passing through like airports and office buildings. Placing stations just outside restrooms, meeting rooms and break rooms is also a good idea to help cut down on infection risks. Finally, businesses that involve face-to-face interactions with customers would be well advised to place their sanitization station at service counters too.

Certain industry segments will have their own needs of course, and a good virus protection system can be easily adapted to the customer's specificities. We put together a short but concise list, highlighting how specific industries can make the most of their virus prevention plans and make hand sanitization for business work for them.

Educational institutions

We highly recommend placing sanitizing stations at entrances and exits, particularly at educational facilities. In addition to points of entry to the buildings, we also suggest outside the doors of large capacity lecture halls and classrooms. If your university has gift shops or cafeterias, be sure to place several sanitizer dispensers in these locations, as well as introducing employee temperature scanners at the places. Finally, sports facilities like gyms and stadiums absolutely must have decent sanitizers and temperature scanning tools in place.


Manufacturing plants have proven to be difficult environments to enforce social distancing, as the nature of assembly-line work often requires close contact between employees. Therefore, it's recommended to place industrial hand sanitizers at as many workstations as possible. Make sure bathrooms and break rooms are equipped with sanitizing stations, and also place non-contact digital thermometers in changing rooms if your factory has them to screen all employees when they start their shifts.

Office buildings

The most critical locations for sanitizing stations in a standard office building are areas with high foot traffic like entrances, hallways, and elevator lobbies. You should also consider placing efficient, non-intrusive hand sanitizers next to workstations and desks as much as possible because objects like keyboards, computer mice, headphones, etc can collect a staggering amount of germs and bacteria. Any place that combines a high number of people passing through with a high likelihood of tactile contact is going to be a risk, so ensure your bathrooms and cafeterias are also protected with sanitizers and touchless temperature scanners.


The last place you want to have a COVID-19 outbreak is a hospital or some other kind of medical facility. Like offices, portable hand sanitizer dispensers and infrared thermometers for adults and children alike should be placed in high foot traffic areas like entrances, lobbies, corridors, restrooms, and cafeterias. However, the particular needs of medical facilities mean that sanitizing station should also be placed outside wards, storage rooms, and laboratories. Additionally, we recommend that employee/visitor temperature scanning be rigorously enforced.

Restaurants and bars

Any establishment serving food and drinks needs to ensure it can safely manage large numbers of people coming in, so placing sanitization stations and temperature scanning at entrances and exits as well as sanitization stations around restrooms is essential. Consider placing sanitizer dispensers at individual tables and service counters/bars. . Finally, plan to effectively screen employees' temperatures before they enter your establishment, and space out portable hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your kitchen and bar areas.

Transportation facilities

Airports, railroad terminals, and other locations involving the mass movement of a high volume of passengers are virus risk hot spots. Temperature screening of passengers before entering, and providing sanitizer at the same time, is crucial to reduce viral spread. Make sure to also place sanitizer stations next to restroom facilities and cafes, as well as on station platforms.

Choose the IntelliStart touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with infrared thermometer

Whether you work in one of the industries outlined above, or in another field, IntelliStart can support your fight against the spread of COVID-19. IntelliStation's combination non-contact sanitizer, highly accurate infrared thermometer, along with it's smart technology, makes it the ideal choice for protecting your workplace, employees, and customers.
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