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Temperature Screening & Hand Sanitizing Buyers Guide

What are the main concerns when you buy temperature screening and hand sanitizing kiosk for the work environment?

The most commonly used thermometers are handheld infrared temperature scanners. These are held up to the forehead and measure the infrared temperature of the skin surface. There are several disadvantages to the handheld infrared thermometers:

• The infrared temperature scanners must be held a certain distance from the skin to measure correctly. Otherwise they will show an inaccurate temperature.

• Any employee who scans customers entering your facility is exposed to possible infection from every person entering your business. Every person with a potential fever who is detected also poses an infection risk to your employee.

• In high traffic areas such as mass transit, airports or convention centers the temperatures scanning process may represent a bottleneck that slows traffic into your business. Larger crowds will require more employees to scan for high temperatures.

• Handheld infrared thermometers will require an employee at each entrance where you are screening customers. This pulls employees away from their regular duties or will require you to hire additional employees for this specific task.

Temperature screening thermometer Issues:

Hand sanitizing station Issues:

• Hand sanitizing liquids tend to come in containers that are 1 quart to 1 liter in size. This means that they may need to be refilled on a regular basis each day.

• The common type of hand pump bottle may present an infection risk since everyone who shares the bottle handles the pump.

• The commonly used 1 quart bottles may become clogged, may spill or may easily be stolen or tampered with.

• Wall-mounted or pedestal mounted hand sanitizer dispensers suffer some of these same common problems.We can see that existing solutions for infrared scanners in hand sanitizing offer a number of practical problems.

How IntelliStart Station Solves these Common Issues

Our engineers and designers considered all of these issues when they designed the IntelliStart station. The IntelliStart station overcomes all of these common issues with a combined design that screens for temperature and sanitizes customer hands in one step.Advantages for Customers:
• The scanner loop is large enough for one hand or both hands.

• The temperature scanner rapidly measures the distance to the hand, takes the temperature with a medical grade sensor, dispenses the proper amount of hand sanitizer and signals the customer whether they have a high temperature or whether they're free to enter. This all happens in under 2 seconds.

• The temperature sensor increases accuracy by measuring from the rest. The rest is the right body point for measuring accurate core temperature.

• The intelligent sensor quickly shows the customer a green indicator light for safe entry or a red indicator light to show elevated temperature.

• The highly visible IntelliStart station reminds customers to check their temperature and sanitize their hands at each entry point of your building. This helps build customer trust when they see that your business is actively working to protect customer health.

Advantages for Your Workers

• IntelliStart station has 4 times the capacity of normal sanitizers. Sanitize up to 6000 hands per container. Fewer refills mean your staff has more time for the regular duties.

• When temperature is scanned by an employee with a handheld scanner that employee is exposed to any infected person they scan. The touchless IntelliStart station protects your staff and workers from possible infection at high-traffic entrances.

• IntelliStart station resists clogging using medical grade pump and vacuum system. The built-in processor measures the right amount of sanitizer every time.

• Each IntelliStart station is connected through the network for analytics and refill alerts. Refill emails or text messages are reliable, using a built-in scale to measure the remaining sanitizer. In a large building with many hand sanitizer stations, your employees will not have to spend as much time refilling the hand sanitizer liquid.

• The analytics allow you to remind employees to practice frequent hand sanitizing. This helps build good habits.

• The clean, all in one design eliminates the clutter at each entrance of your business place.

• Strong industrial design resists tipping and spilling. The lockable sanitizer refill door prevents theft or tampering. The stations may also be bolted in place for safety and security in sensitive environments such as airports.

Overall the IntelliStart Station represents the best solution for temperature screening and hand sanitizing in your business. Everyone who visits your business will know that you are using the best solution to ensure that everyone who enters is infection-free. Your business stays open when you protect the health of your employees and customers. When customers trust your health procedures they feel safe to visit your business locations on a regular basis.
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