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Reliable Product for Recurring Income

Reliable Virus Protection for Your Workplace

Protect your staff and bottom line against COVID-19 and other viruses.

The Permanent Sanitization Solution for Forward Thinking Manufacturers.

Cost effective

The IntelliStation is a more affordable long-term investment than low cost/high turnover viral prevention products.

Future legislation compliance

The changes caused by the pandemic are likely to remain permanent and new health and safety legislation will include viral protection. The IntelliStation enables you to comply with tomorrow's legislation today.

Rugged reliability

The tool is highly durable and reliable, allowing it to go through long periods of heavy use unaffected. The design is intuitive and does not require specialized training, even a child can use it.

Secure sanitization

Flexible mounting and setup, with the option to bolt-in-place for safety and security, allows you to adapt your workplace when required safe in the knowledge your investment is protected.
infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer 2-in-1 made in US

Don't Become the Next Mass Infection Factory

Manufacturing companies are amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic, whether they work in meatpacking, textiles, automobiles or another industry.
Higher mass-infection risk
The risk of COVID-19 infection can be as much as 30 times higher than average in some manufacturing sectors.
Distancing difficulty
The very nature of working in manufacturing can make social distancing difficult. Sub-par efforts to improve this damage brand prestige and diminish potential investment.
Diminished investment
The UN forecasts that foreign direct investment could shrink by 5%-15% due to the downfall in manufacturing activity coupled with factory shutdowns.
How to Boost Covid-19 Protection in Your Factories
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