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We Can Help Protect Your Guests and Staff

Help reassure your guests that it's safe to return post-pandemic.

Intuitive Interface

IntelliStart is simple for customers to use and for staff to operate effectively. It can be moved around with ease, as needed, and it's even child friendly.

Exceptional Capacity

With a sanitizer tank 4 times the capacity of its competitors, IntelliStation allows you to focus on your guests, while also providing better ROI.

Aesthetic Prestige

The IntelliStation is sleek, stylish, and designed to blend in with your decor, unlike lower quality, wall-mounted sanitizers and handheld scanners that may appear outdated and create an aesthetic eyesore.

Remarkable Reliability

The built-in anti-clogging system ensures the IntelliStation will continue working optimally, regardless of user volume, reducing time spent servicing the device.
infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer 2-in-1 made in US

Permanent Virus Protection for All Hospitality Industries.

Hospitality Needs to Return to Normal

COVID-19 hit hospitality particularly, and the effect on thousands of companies has been dramatic.
Falling Revenue
Since 2020, U.S. hotels have lost an excess of $46 billion in revenue.
Lost Jobs
Nearly 5 million jobs in hospitality and leisure have been lost in the same period.
Long Recovery
The hospitality industry is not forecast to return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024.
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