Smart Touchless Infrared Thermometer Scanner
& Sanitizer Dispenser

All-in-One Solution For Any Business Owner
Provide Health & Safety Controls for Your Business

Protect Your Co-workers, Your clients, and Your Business with Minimal Oversight Required

with customized notifications that you set up on any of your smart devices.

Track usage data and reporting

that looks good in any environment.

Sleek and modern design

ensures you can service up to 3,000 people before requiring a refill.

High capacity refillable tank

makes IntelliStation sturdy, stable and safe to place anywhere.

Durable construction

regardless of being outdoors or indoors.

Get accurate temperature readings

allows you to be hassle free for 30 days, with no wires attached.

Long-lasting battery life

Your Cloud-Based Business Tool
Smart connectivity allows you to connect IntelliStation with your other smart devices, in order to receive real-time alerts when the battery or sanitizer tank is low.
Smart Connectivity
IntelliStation collects data which is stored on a cloud and protected by legislation.
Data Protection
Store your data in a cloud and access it anytime.
Google Cloud Storage
Select and customize the notifications and alerts that make the most sense for you and your business.
Customizable Notifications
Analytical Tools
Use the foot traffic and temperature reading reports generated by IntelliStation to create actionable business insights.
COVID-19 cost U.S. businesses net losses of over $3 trillion. Protect yourself from future threats to your bottom line.
Quick Fact
ID Management
Gather identity information about who is entering your facility, when they do so, and the infection risk they carry.
How IntelliStation Works
The user places their hand within the ergonomically designed touchless wrist scanner loop.
Insert your hand
Scan temperature
The medical grade scanner samples the user's wrist to read their temperature.
Track data
Track the data on your smart device by setting custom notifications.
Make the decision
Make the best business decisions backed by data.

The user receives a green notification if their temperature is within the "safe" zone for entry, a red notification if they require further screening. In case of a high temperature, an alert is automatically sent to your smart device allowing you to act immediately.

Results are provided
The user will then be provided with a precisely measured dose of hand sanitizer, no contact required.
Sanitizer dispensed
By investing in permanent virus protection today you can protect your workplace from the viral threats of tomorrow.
Hassan Ali, CEO and Founder
Industry Segmentation
Almost every business and industry has been affected by COVID-19. Each has their own specific issues, but all can benefit from smart and simple protection against the virus.
Creating a safe environment is an ideal way to ensure your guests enjoy their experiences.
Hospitality &
Close contact and shared surfaces make offices a good environment for viruses to spread.
Facilities with large numbers of passengers passing through are virus hotspots.
COVID-19's Real Cost in Numbers
At 4.2%, inflation in the U.S. is at a record high since the credit crunch of 2008.

The average American's life expectancy has now dropped by 2 years, thanks to COVID-19.
The percentage of Americans who remain economically inactive ( out of work for at least 27 weeks) is currently at 43%, and continues to rise.
Protect Your Business from Future
Health Threats and Preserve its Financial Viability!
Take full control over your company's future now.
Why should I make the investment in IntelliStation when hand scanners are cheaper?
Handheld scanners take employees from their regular duties, while exposing them to potential infection. Temporary measures eventually cost more in the long-run, while IntelliStation becomes a more effective long-term investment.
I already have a solution. Why would I need a new virus protection system?
You may already have a system, but it likely doesn't have the large sanitizer capacity, maneuverability, or customizable notifications that the IntelliStation offers. If you need an all-in-one option, IntelliStation is for you.
Can I leave it unsupervised?
IntelliStation is stable, safe to operate, easily relocated, and does not require wall mounting, giving you much more flexibility in the workplace. It automates your health check process
and ensures that none of your staff members are put at risk.
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