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Maximum Protection for Your Clinic & Community

Permanent virus protection that safeguards your patients & staff.
Small and medium-sized medical facilities, like primary care and dental offices, were disproportionately affected by COVID-19
Clinicians suddenly found themselves on the frontlines of a public health crisis and had to adapt as best they could.
Going forward, IntelliStation offers more permanent virus protection designed specifically with the needs of small to medium sized facilities in mind
Our all-in-one reliable, durable, high capacity hand sanitizer with infrared non-contact temperature scanner makes IntelliStation the ideal solution for any type of medical facility, including smaller-scale, local medical offices.

Dual sanitization & monitoring

The presence of IntelliStations at your facility will help reinforce public trust in your clinic's reputation. Patients and staff alike will feel assured they are in a safer environment thanks to the dual sanitization and monitoring features.

Ergonomic design

IntelliStation was designed to offer clean aesthetics and an intuitive, sturdy design. It can be placed almost anywhere, is easily relocated, and is stylish enough to fit right into a doctor's or dentist's office.

Analytical reports

The IntelliStation can help you reorganize and optimize your facility to minimize high traffic zones. Maximize your IntelliStation's analytical reports to create a safer, more efficient facility.

IoT properties

IntelliStation is more than just a pretty face. It's smart, too. IntelliStation is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) via WiFi so every member of your team can monitor your clinic's virus protection system from their smartphones/devices.
infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer 2-in-1 made in US

Smart and Safe Protection

ID Management Software
The IntelliStation IoT IDENTIFY allows you to gather identity information about who is entering your facility, when they do so, and the infection risk they carry.
It allows you to completely automate the process of screening employees, patients or visitors with a health questionnaire, automated temperature reading and saving the data for reporting and analysis purposes.
Manual Scanners
Need to be operated by a member of staff, which exposes them to potential infection.
Are usually targeted at areas of the body that don't transmit core body temperature, like the forehead.
Most often are disposable, which costs your business more money in the long-run.
Automatic Scanners
Autonomous operation ensures that no staff members are put at risk.
Tend to be targeted at areas of the body that are closer to core temperature, like the wrist.
Are a permanent tool that can be used multiple times, saving your business money.

Viruses Disproportionately Affect Smaller Clinics

All small and medium-sized businesses face certain challenges, and medical facilities are no exception. This has only been exacerbated by the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Decreased Revenue
According to the Medical Group Management Association, 87% of medical practices were negatively affected financially by COVID-19, and local medical offices were among the hardest hit.
Increased Risk
2020 highlighted how many of our pre-existing virus protection measures were inadequate. Our "new normal" demands the best quality sanitization and temperature monitoring possible, combined with the last technology.
Lost Competitiveness
Technological innovations are harder to implement in smaller clinics, giving larger facilities a competitive advantage. This makes the full resumption of in-person treatment extremely important for these smaller offices, in order to get back up and running in full capacity.
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