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Facility & Property Management

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Reliably protect your classrooms and lecture halls.

Safeguard the health and well-being of your students.
Help protect the financial health of your institution.

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Social awareness

Socially distanced temperature checks reduce staff and student exposure to potential COVID-19 infection. The touchless infrared scanner is the safest and most accurate available, and works indoors and outdoors.

Compliance with safety legislations

Take action now. Installing and utilizing IntelliStation will help you comply with existing and future health and safety legislation and safeguard the health and safety of your facility.

Dual sanitization & monitoring

The presence of IntelliStations at your facility will help to reinforce public trust in your institution's brand. Students, staff and visitors alike will feel assured that they are in a safe environment thanks to the dual sanitization/monitoring features.

Analytical reports

The IntelliStation can help you reorganize and optimize your facility to prevent infection choke points and eliminate potential social mixing zones. Use its analytical reports to build-up a more efficient anti-COVID-19 facility.
infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer 2-in-1 made in US

Take Action Now to Protect Your Facility!

COVID-19 may prove to be the greatest challenge most university faculty and staff will ever face, and the changes it has brought to campus operations are numerous.
Distance learning
In the U.S., 65% of universities now operate primarily online causing a
de-densification crisis on campus.
Decline in Student enrollment
In 2020 freshman enrollment declined by an 'unprecedented' 13% and new international student enrollment dropped 43%.
Lagging infrastructure
Handheld temperature checkers are unreliable and are at best a stop gap solution only. Universities need a permanent solution to adapt to new foot traffic patterns and provide long-term confidence.
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