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About Us

About Us

IntelliStart was founded in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic

After seeing how many companies did their best to protect against the virus while relying on temporary measures, Hassan and Marius decided they wanted to make a difference. Combining their expertise in manufacturing management and technological development, they launched IntelliStart.
Hassan personally appreciated the difficulties many manufacturers were facing, given his 20+ years of experience working in manufacturing plants
The terrifying speed at which the coronavirus spread through those facilities was astounding and was costing companies money, production time, and most significantly - lives. The team's "eureka moment" was realizing the need to develop something that anyone and everyone can adopt as a habit that will reduce infection risk long-term.
The IntelliStart production facility is located in Atlanta where Marius and Hassan have been working in electronic manufacturing for the last 12 years. The facility is fully ISO 9001 certified. The product's electronic circuit boards and other critical parts are manufactured in-house, as is final assembly.
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