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The IntelliStation is an innovative, versatile tool designed to provide high-quality hygiene and to protect your workplace from COVID-19 and other viral threats. It's at the cutting-edge of virus protection technology. We often get asked questions like "How does an automatic hand sanitizer work?" or "Is a non-contact infrared thermometer truly reliable?" That's why we put together this quick guide to answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is an infrared thermometer?

A touchless thermometer, also known as a non-contact temperature scanner, is a device that can measure a person's body temperature without physical contact. They come in several forms, but the most common is a handheld machine resembling a gun. Other designs include scanners fixed to walls or tympanic thermometers that scan the ear.

How does an infrared thermometer work?

Contactless thermometers convert intercepted thermal radiation into an electrical signal emitted from a scanner. When the operator of the touchless thermometer gun points it at an individual, a laser captures the radiation that is then converted into a body temperature rating. As it can only read a person's surface temperature, they are sometimes less accurate than tools that can check internal body temperature.

What are the advantages of infrared thermometers over contact thermometers?

The biggest advantage of infrared thermometers is that they are no-contact, making it less likely to transfer coronavirus or other contagious illnesses between the operator (person checking temperatures) and the person being checked. However, whenever a no-contact thermometer is operated by an individual, there is still a risk of infection. This can be eliminated by using autonomous, no-contact thermometers that don't require an operator.

What is a touchless sanitizer dispenser?

A touchless sanitizer dispenser provides a predetermined dosage of soap or disinfectant on command. They are often found in locations with large numbers of customers and employees like restaurants, sports stadiums, transportation hubs, and offices. They're designed to be used without any physical contact.

How does a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser work?

With the most common hand sanitizer dispensers, a user places their hand beneath the automatic dispenser, which sends out microwave or ultrasound energy to release a predetermined dose of soap or disinfectant. Other touchless hand sanitizers work using passive infrared sensors, which identify a person's body heat as the triggering mechanism.

What are the advantages of touchless sanitizer dispensers over contact hand sanitizers?

There are two main advantages of using touchless dispensers: First, they require no physical contact from customers or employees, so they significantly reduce the chance of spreading Covid-19 or other contagions. Additionally, they are programmed to dispense a specific dose, conserving the disinfectant, making them more economical as a result.

How do you choose the right 2-in-1 thermometer and hand sanitizer dispenser for you?

If you are looking for an all-in-one, non-touch temperature scanner combined with an automatic sanitizer, then you need to find a tool that's durable, reliable, and can be easily relocated to meet changing demand or foot traffic patterns. It should also be a smart device with internet connection, enabling it to generate reports on temperature screening results, foot traffic, and hand hygiene patterns.

The IntelliStation by IntelliStart combines all the features outlined above, and more. It's simple to use, aesthetically pleasing, and has the largest capacity hand sanitizer available on the market. It can scan for temperatures both indoors and outdoors, and it uses a wrist thermometer scan that's even more accurate than other infrared non-touch thermometers.

How does IntelliStart's IntelliStation work?

IntelliStation uses infrared technology to trigger both the non-contact thermometer and the sanitizer dispenser. Its scanning loop is large enough for both hands, meaning they are adequately provided with disinfectant. IntelliStation also records every use to create analytical reports of how customers and employees interact with it, so you can adjust your virus protection plan based on real-world data.

How accurate is IntelliStart's IntelliStation?

IntelliStation is highly accurate - its infrared scanner is designed to be the highest quality and most reliable available. The hand sanitizer dispenser also rapidly delivers a precisely measured dose for each user. Its ergonomic design and focus on wrist rather than forehand scanning, also ensure it is entirely "foolproof."

What are the advantages of IntelliStart's IntelliStation?

IntelliStation has four times the capacity of average sanitizers, has built-in anti-clogging protection, and works as a free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser, meaning it can run autonomously. It's a simple, reliable, and effective solution for all kinds of businesses.

Because the IntelliStation functions autonomously, you're better able to protect staff from potential infection. This is especially useful in environments like factories, where individuals being taken away from the production line costs time and money, and in service industries like restaurants that experience high foot traffic.

If you are interested in ordering an IntelliStation, please reach out by email and one of our team members will get back to you shortly. By choosing rugged, reliable virus protection, you're making a positive contribution to your environment and your bottom line.

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