The Essential Virus Protection Self-Assessment Checklist for Your Business

Reopening your business can be a daunting experience in the wake of a pandemic.

That's why having a system in place that helps you return to normal operations, and protects your staff and customers should another infection occur in the future, is so important for the success of your business.

Download this essential virus protection self-assessment business checklist to help ensure you reopen and conduct business safely and successfully.

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The Essential Virus Protection Self-Assessment Checklist for Your Business

We've scoured the guidelines and aggregated information from the CDC and OSHA so you don't have to search and can focus on putting them into practice.
Our self-assessment checklist can be used by any organization, working in any field, and by any team member from intern to the CEO.

The checklist is based on information learned from COVID-19 but it can be readily applied to others like influenza and other coronaviruses.
What's covered
Ideas for setting up employee COVID-19 screening
Travelling safely to work and prepare your office for reopening
Arranging common working spaces to safeguard them from virus outbreaks
Best practices for reacting during and after an outbreak at your workplace
Advice about proper ventilation in your work environment
Recommendations for hygiene supplies and personal protective equipment
Instructions for routine cleaning, deep cleansing, and disinfection protocols

Download the Essential Virus Prevention
Self-Assessment Checklist for Your Business today so you can protect both your workplace and your bottom line.

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