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All-in-One Touchless
Temperature Scanner
& Sanitizer Dispenser

Permanent virus protection that safeguards your environment

touchless thermometer with hand sanitizer dispenser made in USA

Accuracy, High Capacity and Reliability Combined in One

standing temperature scanner with touchless hand sanitizer dispenser made in USA
IntelliStation has four times the capacity of normal sanitizers, can disinfect up to 6,000 hands per container, and has a percentage-based alert system with IoT connection.

6,000 Hands per Container

IntelliStation is clog resistant thanks to our medical-grade pump and vacuum system. A built-in processor measures the precise dose of sanitizer required and cleans the internal tubing to resist waste and contamination.

Internal Clog Prevention

Autonomous Adaptability

IntelliStation can operate reliably and autonomously with minimal oversight required. It's durable, long-lasting, and designed to work effectively in all kinds of climatic conditions.

Long-Lasting Battery

IntelliStation's battery can operate for up to 30 days or 3,000 applications before needing to be recharged. Simply connect the device to a power outlet for a maximum charging period of 6 hours.

The Smart Way to Fight Back Against COVID-19

You want to protect your workplace from COVID-19, but you're not sure how, and you worry about legal and liability issues. Fighting back against COVID-19 is a responsibility for us all. Do not waste time on short gap measures, invest in a combined tool that can help fight back against COVID-19 today.
The IntelliStation is an all-in-one tool combining a high capacity hand sanitizer and a cutting edge temperature scanner. The IntelliStation helps you enforce CDC and OSHA guidelines to reopen your business and stay open. It is accurate, intuitive & reliable.

How IntelliStation Works

touchless thermometer
Step 1: Hand
The user places their hand within the ergonomically designed touchless loop wrist scanner.
wrist thermometer
Step 2: Scan
The medical grade scanner samples the user's wrist, the optimal body location for accuracy regardless of climatic conditions.
temperature scanner
Step 3: Check
The user will receive a green notification if their temperature is within the "safe" zone for entry, a red notification if they require further screening.
hand sanitizer
Step 4: Protect
The user will then be provided with a precisely measured dose of hand sanitizer with no contact required.

Internet of Things Features

These analysis reports can be sent directly to your smartphone or other devices thanks to its smart connectivity.
Connected to WiFi , the IntelliStation offers a data-driven approach to virus protection, ensuring you can protect your facility based on high-quality information.
The IntelliStation can monitor foot traffic and analyze it to compare with high-temperature readings and average sanitizer usage.

IntelliStation Specifications

Weighs approximately 30 pounds balanced for stability and safety.
Lockable hand sanitizer container
door prevents theft and tampering
The touchless scanner loop is 7 inches by 5 inches to accommodate both hands.
9 inches wide by 49 inches tall.
Industry Segmentation
Almost every business and industry has been affected by COVID-19. Each has their own specific issues, but all can benefit from smart and simple protection against the virus.
Creating a safe environment is an ideal way to ensure your guests enjoy their experiences.
Hospitality &
Close contact and shared surfaces make offices a good environment for viruses to spread.
Facilities with large numbers of passengers passing through are virus hotspots.
4400 Hiighlands Pkwy SE,
Smyrna, Georgia, USA
Reliable Product for Recurring Income
Help society become safer with our all-in-one solution. Learn more about joining us today.
4400 Highlands Pkwy SE,
Smyrna, Georgia, USA
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What is the cost of one unit?
The cost of one unit is typically $1,500, however this is discounted to $1195 for a limited time only.
Do you have a bulk pricing policy?
For orders larger than 10 units, we offer a standard an additional 10% discount.
Where will you ship to?
Currently we ship in the U.S. only.
Can I pay in installments?
Unfortunately, at this time we cannot offer payment plans.

Do you have a warrant period?
Yes, we have a 60 days money back guarantee, and a parts and repair policy valid for 12 months.
Do you have a refund policy?
Items shipped from IntelliStart can be returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment in good condition. Return freight cost is the responsibility of the customer. Refund will be processed within 5 business days after product is received at the return center. All returns should be sent to:

Attention: IntelliStart Returns
4400 Highlands Pkwy
Smyrna, GA 30082

Return form can be requested from

IntelliStart products are subject to a warranty period of 12 months from ship date. Warranty products are processed free of charge.

NOTE: Warranty may be considered void for incorrect utilization, installation or if unauthorized modifications are detected.


  1. Customer completes Return Authorization (RA) form after receiving it from and receives RA acknowledgement and shipping instructions.
  2. Customer ships products in accordance with instructions listed on the RA form.
  3. Customer must include the RA form as part of the shipping documentation.
  4. RA form must match actual returned material; otherwise, delays could result.
  5. Once products are received, IntelliStart will:
  • Perform product analysis and schedule for repair
  • Provide expected return date
  • Repair or Replace

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